About Suma Genomics

Suma Genomics aspires to be a state of art genomic solutions resource for all genetic disorders. We provide testing services for rare disorders, cancers and precision medicine by using traditional and modern genomic technology.

Suma Genomics recognizes the need for quality genomic testing services in the country and beyond.The team at Suma Genomics has competency and ample experience in handling common and complex genomic tests. The team comprises of clinical geneticists, medically trained scientists, bioinformaticians, and technologists. With our expertise, we bring in clinical interpretation of genomic test results to clinicians and the patients they care for. We believe a close interaction with referring doctors is paramount to provide better results to their patients.The team aims to enable the clinicians to deliver well-informed genetic counseling to provide appropriate and timely management to families affected with rare disorders. Our team would aid in all steps of genetic testing by the clinicians including selection of appropriate genetic and genomic tests and apt interpretation of test results. We believe this is our core strength when it comes to quality genomic solutions for families with rare genetic disorders and cancers.

Suma Genomics is an entrepreneurial activity of faculty at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. It is currently an incubatee at Manipal Universal Technology Business Incubator and is located within the campus of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal.

Dr Girisha KM, Professor of Medical Genetics at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and Dr K Mohan Kumar are the founding directors of Suma Genomics