Information to Patients/Families

Suma Genomics aims to be the best service provider in genomic testing. We believe a good referral and clinical interpretation of signs and symptoms of patients and genomic data are critical for the generation of quality reports in the laboratory. However, we would like you to note the following:

1. Your doctor has chosen Suma Genomics because she or he trusts us for quality genetic testing.

2. We do not accept test requests from patients and their families. If you think you would need a genetic test, please consult your doctor.

3. Prescribing a genetic test requires a thorough understanding of the disease in question and ability to interpret the results. We trust you have undergone appropriate pre-test genetic counseling from the referring physician.

4. Your doctor provides us the clinical information. This includes a pedigree, summary of your symptoms and signs, results of tests that you have undergone earlier (that might include prior blood tests, urine analysis, scans, and even a genetic test), and her or his interpretation of your problems. Hence we strongly suggest the tests are prescribed by only trained physicians and clinical geneticists.

5. Our laboratory performs the requested genomic test and generates results. We are a team of clinicians and scientists including bioinformatics experts. We heavily rely on clinical clues for interpretation of test results. Hence please disclose all health related information to your doctor who in turn would intimate us.

6. As a policy, we do not send the report to patients or relatives. We return the results only to the referring physician. This is because, we believe the results have to be conveyed to you through appropriate genetic counseling (post-test genetic counseling) as these are complex tests and results. Your doctor would also interpret the test results for your condition and might offer medical advice.

7. Please note that positive (where a diagnosis is established) as well as negative (where a definitive diagnosis is not established) test results are both important. Your doctor will decide on how to proceed further, depending upon the question in her/his mind that was addressed though the genomic test.

8. We strive to deliver the test result in a reasonable time frame (turnaround time). However, please note that these are complex tests and require our best efforts and time. If we are unable to provide a result within the turnaround time, we will intimate your doctor. Some circumstances would warrant repeat tests, confirmation by a second method and even failure to complete the test due to technical or biological reasons. We will keep your doctor informed about these.

9. We might offer to help you and your doctor in logistics (processing billing, receipts and transport of samples).

10. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.